Damages You May Not Consider Related to Your Automobile Collision

November 5, 2021
Category: Car Accident
Damages You May Not Consider Related to Your Automobile Collision

This is the third of a 12 part series of Blogs regarding automobile collision claims for physical injuries.  The series will address topics such as do you need an attorney to assist you with your claim, what you should consider in choosing an attorney, secrets of the insurance industry and other pertinent information related to your claim.

It’s easy to look at your car after an accident and see the damage.  You can also quantify the damage. A repair shop provides you an estimate for repairs.  Not all injuries are as easy to identify and quantify, however.    An attorney can assist you in identifying, articulating, quantifying and proving damages related to your automobile collision.

For example, physical injuries are complex and so are the damages that stem from them.  If you are hospitalized, there are of course damages related to the medical bills incur and the wages you can’t earn.  But what about the stress and worry related to whether and when you will recover, whether your life will be the same, the bills that keep coming despite the fact that you have been unable to work, and the effect on your love ones?    There may also be damages related to the value of the services you used to provide to your love ones but can’t provide any longer.  What if you only partially recover or have a full recovery; but, complications are expected in the future?   How do you recognize if there may be future damages that you have not considered?  What if you were an avid runner and now you can’t run?

An experienced attorney will recognize all the questions that need to be asked and consider the entire effect the collision has had on your life.   An experienced attorney will also gather records and information that assist in quantifying your injuries.  Besides, by employing an attorney to assist you, you can let him or her focus on your case and you can focus on what’s really important, getting better.  Owens, McCrea & Linscott is here to help.  Please give us a call.