Coeur d’Alene Car Accident Lawyer

If you got hurt in a wreck caused by someone else’s irresponsible driving, you might have grounds to file suit against them. With a personal injury attorney’s help, you could demand restitution for every form of harm you suffered because of their actions.

By working with a knowledgeable Coeur d’Alene car accident lawyer, you could ensure your rights will be protected at every stage of this process while also maximizing your odds of a favorable final resolution. Our local attorneys are here to help you.

Establishing Fault for a Coeur d’Alene Car Accident

Every person who operates a motor vehicle in Coeur d’Alene assumes something called a “duty of care” for the entire time they are in control of their car. This legal term refers to an implicit responsibility a person has to act in a safe and reasonable way around others in order to minimize the risk of anyone getting hurt.

Most personal injury claims require that a defendant violated this duty of care and, in turn, directly caused an accident resulting in compensable injuries and losses. Proving that another driver was negligent can sometimes be as straightforward as checking the police report filed after the incident and showing that the other party involved was cited for a traffic violation.

In other cases, demonstrating fault may require more numerous and varied forms of evidence, including eyewitness testimony, subpoenaed cell phone records and/or surveillance camera footage, photos of the accident scene, debris from the crash, and even input from experts in accident reconstruction. Assistance from a seasoned CDA car crash attorney is often crucial to collecting, preserving, and presenting relevant evidence in an efficient and effective manner.

What Could Potentially Limit Recovery in CDA?

Through a successful settlement demand or lawsuit, a reliable attorney in Coeur d’Alene could help someone injured in a vehicle wreck recover for:

  • Hospital bills
  • Medication costs
  • Long-term treatment and physical therapy
  • Adaptive technology
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental health treatment & counseling
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Vehicle repair/replacement expenses

It is important to understand that Idaho caps, or limits, how much total compensation an injured party can recover for personal losses. Idaho Code §6-1603 originally capped non-economic recovery at $250,000, but adjustments to this amount based on average annual income among state residents increased this cap to a little over $385,000 as of 2020.

On top of that, Idaho Code §6-801 bars financial recovery for anyone injured in an auto collision that is 50 percent or more to blame for causing or worsening their own injuries. As a car accident lawyer in Coeur d’Alene could confirm, this statute also allows courts to proportionately reduce compensation for any plaintiff found between one and 49 percent at fault for a wreck.

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Negligence under any circumstances can pose a substantial risk of harm to other people nearby, but negligence on the road often has especially severe repercussions. Even minor fender-benders can lead to thousands of dollars in financial losses, and incidents at higher speeds could cause injuries that last the rest of your life.

Effective civil recovery following a vehicle collision could be essential to preserving your future prospects and protecting your financial security. Get in touch with a compassionate Coeur d’Alene car accident lawyer at our firm to learn more about your options.