Coeur d’Alene Dram Shop Lawyer

Driving under the influence is highly dangerous, and everyone, including establishments that serve liquor, must do their part to avoid drunk driving accidents. If an establishment or dram shop negligently overserves alcoholic beverages, which leads to a severe car crash, the injured parties may have the legal right to sue the establishment.

However, holding a dram shop financially liable could be difficult without reliable representation from a seasoned attorney. A Coeur d’Alene dram shop lawyer at our firm could help you seek compensation for economic damages, including medical bills and lost pay, and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering.

Responsibility of Dram Shops in Coeur d’Alene

When an establishment opens for business and obtains its liquor license, they agree and guarantee the business will serve alcohol responsibly. Unfortunately, despite this agreement, some establishments are careless in their service.

If the negligence of a dram shop results in injuries or death, the injured party or family may have the legal right to hold the establishment financially accountable. Our skilled lawyers in Coeur d’Alene could investigate your case to determine whether an owner or server of a dram shop knowingly overserved its patrons, resulting in a wreck.

Social Host Liability

When a social host serves alcoholic beverages irresponsibly, state dram shop laws could also hold them liable for damages. When a person hosts a party, they must also ensure they do not allow guests to drink to the point of intoxication, then drive afterward, or serve anyone under the legal drinking age.

If a social host is negligent, the claimant or their family has the right to file a civil lawsuit to collect payment for damages. Our qualified Coeur d’Alene dram shop lawsuit attorneys could help prepare your claim and prove liability in court.

State Dram Shop Statute

If a drunk driver causes a serious collision that leads to severe injuries or death, the victim or surviving family members could have the right to sue the establishment that served them. Idaho Code § 23-808 authorizes lawsuits to be filed against a dram shop if it serves alcoholic beverages to a customer who is under the legal age or is obviously intoxicated if that person leaves the establishment and causes an accident.

When filing a lawsuit against a third party under dram shop liability, you must give the establishment or social host notice within 180 days of the accident. In addition,  you will have two years from the date of the accident to file a legal action with the civil court or the claim will be time-barred..

These cases are incredibly complex, and it is always a good idea to contact our skilled dram shop lawyers in Coeur d’Alene right away. We could answer questions on dram shop laws and ensure the notices and filings fall within guidelines.

Schedule to Meet with Our Qualified Dram Shop Attorneys in Coeur d’Alene

Should a person operate a motor vehicle while under the influence and cause severe injury or death, the victim or the surviving family has the right to take action. Not only do they have options to hold the drunk driver responsible, but if an establishment overserved that driver alcohol, they could hold them financially accountable as well.

If an impaired driver injured you or someone you love, contact an experienced and hard-working Coeur d’Alene dram shop lawyer at our firm to schedule a consultation. Because of the immediate need to give notice, it is crucial that you reach out to an attorney without delay.