What Are Your Employment Rights?

Owens, McCrea & Linscott, PLLC, has a reputation for providing excellent representation to employees who have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, subjected to harassment or subjected to retaliation.

Wrongful Termination

Not all terminations are unlawful. A termination may be unfair but legal. Determining whether a legal claim exists requires an analysis of many factors based on your situation. Some examples of wrongful termination include termination in violation of public policy, without due process of the law, in violation of a contract or retaliatory termination.

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Discrimination and Harassment

We handle cases based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation and gender identity. Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can be one of the most hurtful situations in a person’s life. In addition to feeling powerless, you may experience extreme fear and anxiety related to potentially losing your source of income.

If you think you are being harassed, discriminated against or treated differently based on your race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have a case. Please contact our office and schedule an initial consultation. We will work with you to make informed decisions and achieve your objectives.

Whistleblower Claims

You have a right and duty to report illegal activity, especially if you work in government. Whistleblowers play an important role in holding the government and other employers accountable. The law protects whistleblowers who are retaliated against because they reported illegal activity. If you believe you have been retaliated against because you reported illegal activity in the workplace, please contact our office, we will work with you by explaining the law to you, initiating a claim against your employer and seeing it through to final resolution.

On an hourly fee basis, we also handle employee contract reviews and negotiations, severance agreement negotiations and administrative hearing processes.

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