Coeur d’Alene Slip and Fall Lawyer

The classic slip and fall example involves a patron slipping on the wet floor of a store or supermarket. However, every property owner, whether private or commercial, must keep their grounds safe to a reasonable degree to prevent slipping or falling accidents.

Subsequently, if a property owner cannot provide reasonably safe grounds to their visitors or patrons, they must provide an adequate warning related to the unsafe conditions. If a dangerous condition is obvious and should be readily perceived by a visitor a patron, then they may be willingly accepting the risk.

A Coeur d’Alene slip and fall lawyer could provide invaluable assistance to help achieve a favorable outcome to your claim. A compassionate personal injury attorney could review your case, catalog losses, and put together a strong claim for compensation against the negligent party.

Financial Compensation After a Serious Fall

Many people believe slipping and falling only result in minor bumps and bruises, but that is not always the case. Falls from great heights can result in broken bones, internal bleeding, and spine injuries. If someone lands on their head, it can cause traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, or even death. As such, compensation in these cases could be substantial.

Financial recovery for someone injured in a falling accident includes damages for medical expenses, procedural cost, rehabilitation cost, lost wages (including present and future losses), and loss of earning potential. A person could also recover compensation for personal losses such as emotional distress, pain, suffering, and loss of consortium.

Notably, Idaho is a comparative fault state which decidedly reduces the amount of compensation available to an injured party based on the amount of fault they contributed to the occurrence of their accident or exacerbation of their injuries. If an injured party is determined to be 30 percent at fault, they would only be able to recover up to 70 percent of their total damages. Presenting a successful argument for an appropriate amount of fault, if any, may require the services of a lawyer in Couer d’Alene who is experienced with slip and fall cases.

Time Limits on Trip and Fall Claim in Coeur d’Alene

Like any personal injury claim, slip and fall cases in Idaho have a designated filing deadline. Legally, a time limit placed on civil suits is known as a statute of limitations. These limitations have been implemented to both foster fairness and evidence accuracy.

Under Idaho Statutes 5-219, all personal injury civil suits must be filed exactly two years from the accident’s date, including slip and fall claims. Any party who fails to file their claim before the expiration of this period will be unable to file a claim successfully and is barred from any court-awarded financial compensation.

Get Help from a Coeur d’Alene Slip and Fall Attorney

After suffering a serious fall on another person’s property, you may be unsure if you have grounds to file a claim for damages. A Coeur d’Alene slip and fall lawyer could review your case and help you decide how to best move forward. You have a limited time to take action, so schedule your initial consultation right away.