Kootenai County Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, car crashes happen daily. If a driver’s careless actions cause a collision and injuries, you have the right to expect them to be held accountable for those harms.

However, effectively recovering compensation after an auto collision often requires the skill and talent of a seasoned personal injury attorney. Our experienced Kootenai County car accident lawyers could help you navigate the complex civil court processes to ensure you are fairly compensated for the losses you suffered.

Negotiating with Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance companies rarely have the best interest of the injured party in mind. Just like any other company, they work for a profit. When they pay large claims, they lose money, so the insurance representative’s goal is likely to place at least partial blame on the injured motorist to minimize the payout. It is common practice for insurance agencies to reject claims or offer low settlement amounts.

Due to these unfair claims practices, it is helpful to speak with an attorney relatively close in time to the crash.  An attorney can arm you with valuable information about the claims handling process, how to handle medical bills, and why it can be important to delay having in-depth conversations with the other driver’s insurance company.

Establishing Fault After a Car Crash

To collect compensation for damages after a vehicle accident, you must establish that the other driver caused the wreck. Every collision is unique. In some accidents, it is evident that the other driver is liable for the crash. Most of the time, however,  an injured party will need to complete a detailed investigation. The investigation may include collecting and reviewing accident reports, witness statements, pictures, and videos.

There may be multiple individuals or entities responsible for a crash.  It is also possible that you will be blamed for having contributed to what happened.  All states have laws addressing how comparative fault is handled.  Per Idaho Code §6-801, the party seeking the recovery cannot be as responsible as the defendant.  Therefore, if a jury finds the plaintiff is 50 percent responsible (or more), then the plaintiff will be completely barred from recovering any damages.  Anything less than 50 percent responsibility will be deducted from the overall amount awarded.  Our experienced car crash injury lawyers in Kootenai County will work to prove that the other driver was more responsible.

Time Limit to File a Civil lawsuit After a Car Crash in Kootenai County

If an individual sustains injuries in an accident with a negligent motorist in this state, there are crucial timelines that apply for filing a civil action. Under Idaho Code §5-219, the plaintiff must sue within two years of the car accident to seek damages in civil court.

Schedule a Meeting with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Kootenai County

You need to work with a seasoned legal professional you can trust if you were injured in a collision with a negligent driver. Our firm has extensive experience with these cases in Kootenai County and can provide valuable assistance during the insurance claims process and throughout a civil court filing.

Our team could help you complete a thorough investigation and review of the evidence to ensure the best results for maximum financial recovery. The sooner you strategize and prepare your civil claim, the better chance you have for success. Call today to get started.