Kootenai County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle collisions are exceptionally dangerous traffic accidents that can cause severe injury to motorcycle riders. Once an accident has occurred, the injured biker needs to seek medical treatment immediately.

It is important to communicate that any party involved in a traffic accident should obtain a police report. Furthermore, most accident scenes include valuable evidence, which often has a limited recovery window.

Recovering the pertinent information and evidence will be necessary for liability purposes and to properly file a claim. These many aspects of a personal injury claim may be overwhelming, especially while recovering from injury. However, a Kootenai County motorcycle accident lawyer can help.

Inherent Dangers of Motorcycles

Motorcycles, being two-wheeled, are nimble vehicles that offer a far different experience to owners than standard four-wheeled vehicles. However, they are inherently more dangerous for the operator due to their compact and open design. Unlike cars, trucks, and SUVs, motorcycles leave their operators fully exposed to the elements and dangers of the road.

Cyclists, who are already required to maintain balance and stabilize the motorcycle while riding, are prone to striking the ground and other vehicles at odd angles. In many cases, upon an immediate stop due to collision, the cyclist is prone to be flung from the motorcycle. All of the referenced factors can easily lead to several injuries which may require serious treatment and result in lost wages, future earnings, general distress, and overall inconvenience.

What Injuries are Most Common for Motorcyclists?

When a cyclist strikes the ground in a motorcycle wreck in Kootenai County, they are susceptible to several bodily injuries, which often include road rash, broken limbs, spine damage, and damage to soft tissue. Under Idaho Code § 49-666, only motorcyclists under the age of 18 have to wear helmets. However, bikers who choose not to wear helmets are more susceptible to facial disfigurement, skull damage, and traumatic brain injuries.

Additionally, any trauma to a motorcyclist’s head or spine can put them at risk of paralysis. All of these injuries can lead to the motorcycle rider being temporarily or permanently disabled. These injuries are often life-altering and require medical rehabilitation or modifications to how the injured person lives and works.

Available Compensation in Kootenai County

Financial compensation in personal injury cases is known as damages. In Kootenai County, our lawyers could help parties injured in motorbike collisions recover damages for their medical expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Additionally, injured parties may recover for their rehabilitation if necessary.

Due to injuries often making it difficult or impossible to work while recovering, an injured party may also recover damages for their lost income and future ability to earn a living. These wrecks can also affect personal areas of an injured person’s life and prevent them from functioning or enjoying activities they did before the accident. In that instance, a claim may also include compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Recovering full compensation often requires the skill of a motorcycle wreck attorney residing in Kootenai County. This is because compensation is only available to injured parties who can show they are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident that caused their harm.

Contact a Kootenai County Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Help

Motorcycle accidents are stressful and overwhelming enough on their own. The additional stress of gathering evidence, proving fault, and negotiating can be handled on your behalf by a capable and experienced Kootenai County motorcycle accident lawyer.

Calling our office is a quick and easy way to schedule a consultation. We can discuss the details of your claim and how to proceed.