Kootenai County Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers and the companies they work for have a legal responsibility to keep everyone around them on the roads safe by driving responsibly and following state and federal laws. If they do not follow regulations and cause a crash, you could hold them financially accountable.

After a collision, it is important to remember that insurance companies will attempt to settle quickly. The agencies do not have your best interest in mind as they are working to reduce the payout amount, and leveraging a quick settlement is a standard method they use.

Our skilled civil attorneys could help investigate the crash and handle the insurance company negotiations on your behalf. If someone’s negligent actions caused your injuries, contact an experienced Kootenai County truck accident lawyer at our firm to begin your claim.

Determining Liability After a Collision with an 18-Wheeler

A successful personal injury claim requires the proper determination of liability. This process is especially vital to commercial vehicle accidents because there may be several defendants. Liable parties could include the driver, the company they work for, and the owner of the truck.

It is important to include all responsible parties as this will  increase the likelihood of a fair and just settlement. Our skilled Kootenai County attorneys could help you thoroughly investigate the tractor-trailer crash to identify and determine all individuals and entities who may be at fault. We could find witnesses, accident reports, video footage if available, and anything that could help determine fault through the examination.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Crashes

Identifying the cause of the accident is also critical for a successful claim. Our big rig accident lawyers in Kootenai County could help you develop a detailed and impactful case. Common truck accident causes include:

Overloaded Trucks

Federal and state laws strictly regulate the weight limits that trucks can safely carry on roads and highways. Unfortunately, trucking companies frequently overload their trucks to save costs, regardless of the laws. The extra weight makes the trucks more difficult to control and come to a stop. Additionally, shifting cargo can cause a tractor-trailer to swing out, causing jackknife collisions.

Poor Maintenance

Truck maintenance is costly, and companies cannot turn a profit when their vehicles are in the shop for repairs. Their fleet accrues thousands of miles a year, and the heavy loads they carry cause additional stress on the vehicle. If they do not receive regular maintenance, it is common for them to have mechanical failures while out on the roads and highways, leading to preventable accidents.


Large semis driving over the speed limit are hazardous. Commercial vehicles that are speeding require a longer stopping distance and are more difficult to control, putting other motorists in danger and leading to collisions.

Statute of Limitations in Kootenai County

Every state implements a statute of limitations on a person’s time to sue in a civil court. Under Idaho Code §5-219, you have two years to file the lawsuit after a collision with a commercial vehicle. The time starts running the day of the crash. If you do not file the lawsuit within the statute’s allowable time, a court will likely dismiss your case, leaving you no other options for damage recovery.

Book a Consultation with a Kootenai County Truck Accident Attorney

A crash with a much larger truck can change the course of your life. The wreck can devastate your family and negatively affect your physical, emotional, and financial health.

Our experienced legal professionals could help you with the legal work and negotiations while you focus on recovery and getting your life back on track. Contact a seasoned Kootenai County truck accident lawyer at our firm right away if a negligent driver, manufacturer, or trucking company caused you harm.